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Creating the way of the future today

We believe there should be no end to the solutions we can create together across the supply chain to make it better for business and better for our planet

Landfill bans have already been implemented in South Australia and guaranteed in Victoria. Other states will undoubtedly follow their lead soon. The good news is that E-Cycle Solutions is already way ahead of the curve in efficiently delivering an industry-wide fully compliant sustainable alternative.

Compacting the impact

Hot compact technology integrated into the national network of E-Cycling plants dramatically compacts EPS. The output is quite astonishing. The equivalent volume of the Sydney Cricket Ground reduced to 1.2% of its size. This 100% recycled EPS material then enjoys a second life. Being used in everything from sports gear and kid’s toys to outdoor furniture and flowerpots.

It’s a never-ending cycle, as we continue to find smarter, more streamlined ways to E-Cycle all the way down the line.