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Creating full circle logistics solutions

Fully compliant administrator of the NTCRS, our continually evolving service goes way beyond simply hard TV and computer recycling

It all started in 2013 with TV collection and recycling. After collecting TVs, we realised we still had the capability and capacity to take our recycling initiatives further. The rapid growth of our partnerships with over 300 of Australia’s top retailers also placed E-Cycle Solutions perfectly to firmly establish these drop-off points as recycling epicentres.

Extending thinking to Expanded Polystyrene

Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) is used extensively in the packaging of white and brown goods. The downside is that EPS is a highly toxic material, taking hundreds of years to decompose and adding significantly to landfill. It also tends to blow away from disposal sites, polluting waterways and putting wildlife at risk.

This is where E-Cycle innovation comes in.

Distributing special EPS collection frames to E-Cycle partners means it costs up to 70% less to dispose of EPS than by traditional methods and sending to landfill.

Hot compact technology integrated into the national network of E-Cycling plants dramatically compacts EPS. It is then sent to Government recognised processing plants overseas to produce new products. You’ll find more details on the Sustainability page.

‘End of life’ solutions

Right now E-Cycle is well down the road to offering an ‘End of life’ appliance collection service. Depending on safety requirements and access, our tailgated trucks are always open to pick up:

  • IT equipment, photocopiers, faxes, printers, modems, PABX systems, electrical and data cabling. TVs, fire extinguisher cylinders, and even mainframes.

When it comes to practical, affordable and sustainable solutions and quality logistics distribution in brown and white goods, the QLS Group has it covered.